Here goes the new updated MOLAR manual. I haven't have time to play with too much and arrange it to a neat HTML format with hyperlinks etc, so what you can get here is just 'machine' transformation to HTML via MSWord, original text in MSWord (6.0/Win95) format, and zipped (compressed) MSWord files to download. Instead of direct reading MSWord.doc files in your browser (which happens if you 'left click' on the link in MSWord column), you can download them too by 'right click' on the link and then choose 'save target as ...' or 'save link  as ...' from the pop-up menu. This is also the way how to download zipped files.

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Manual chapters   

HTML MSWord ZIP download
Climatology and Meteorology 22 kB 7 kB
Atmospheric Deposition 44 kB 14 kB
Surface Water Sampling and Analysis Protocol 20 kB 6 kB
Chemical Analysis of major Ions and Nutrients. Analytical Quality Control 121 kB 32 kB
Water Column Profiling 24 kB 8 kB
Protocol for Invertebrate Sampling 17 kB 5 kb
Microbial (pelagic) Food Webs Sampling protocol 1st level 25 kB 8 kB
Microbial (pelagic) Food Webs Laboratory protocol 1st level 25 kB 8 kb
Microbial (pelagic) Food Webs Sampling and laboratory protocol 2nd level 50 kB 15 kB
Protocol for measuring Photosynthetic Rates by using the 14C method and Estimation of Primary Production 561 kB 143 kB
Zooplankton - Sampling and Laboratory Protocol for WP 1 18 kB 6 kB
Sampling recent Zooplankton WP 3 14 kB 4 kB
Protocol for Sediment Coring and Sub-Sampling 22 kB 6 kB
Protocol for Grain Size Measurements of Sediment Samples 23 kB 7 kB
Protocol for Isolation, Preparation and Counting. Sediment Cladocera Protocol 14 kB 4 KB
Diatoms Sampling Protocols: Living Communities, Traps 30 kB 10 kB
Sediment Traps for measuring Deposition of 210Pb and SCP 12 kB 3 kB
Chrysophycean Analysis 22 kB 6 kB
Pigments and CNS in Sediments 16 kB 5 kB
Protocol for Sampling for Spheroidal Carbonaceous Particle Analysis 22 kB 7 kB
Protocols for the Analysis of Organic Micropollutants 46 kB 12 kB
Protocol for Data Flow within the MOLAR Project 13 kB 4 kB
Protocol for Fish Sampling Test Fishing, Fish Physiology, Fish Histology, 72 kB 24 kB
Heavy Metals, Organic Micropollutants 46 kB 12 kB