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Welcome to Emerge project!

European Mountain lake Ecosystems: Regionalisation, diaGnostic & socio-economic Evaluation

Project of the European Commission Framework Programme V: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Sub-Programme Environment and Sustainable Development

Remote mountain lakes are the most sensitive aquatic ecosystems in Europe. They are the focal point of mountain landscapes, they support unique plant and animal communities and are headwaters for water resources. In previous projects sponsored by the EU (AL:PE1, AL:PE2 and MOLAR) we established that although these ecosystems in arctic and alpine regions represent the least disturbed environments in Europe, they are threatened and impacted by acid deposition, toxic air pollutants and by climate change. Because of their sensitivity remote mountain lakes are not only vulnerable to environmental change they are also excellent sensors of change, and their high quality sediment records can be used to infer the speed, direction and biological impact of changing air quality and climate. [...more information...]

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