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Welcome to the website of mountain lakes research.


The main aim of is to bring together scientists working on various aspects of mountain lake ecosystems across the world, and give them tools and information to enhance research in the field of mountain lake limnology, hydrobiology, and ecology. The importance of this research is derived from the concept of mountain lakes as indicators of global change, and takes advantage of the current depth of knowledge concerning these fragile ecosystems.


This website grew out of previous projects on mountain lakes research founded by the EU (ALPE, MOLAR, EMERGE), and it was originaly developed by the Hydrobiological station of Charles University in Prague. Recently is maintained by the Landau Astrobiological Laboratory.


This website provides links to former and ongoing project web pages and other sources of useful information (research strategies, analytical methods, site descriptions, preliminary results, research teams). Web pages of the former projects are no longer going to be updated.


In addition, registered users are able to update the database with their published papers, and include links to their home research organization or other relevant sites. They can also take advantage of searches for contacts to registered colleagues. The private part of EMERGE webpage is not accesible but the prior registration of participants in the project EMERGE is valid for



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